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Christian Books on Racial Justice | Christian Books by Authors of Color
ECPA has compiled this list of Christian Books by Authors of Color in several categories. They are listed in alphabetical order by title, and represent a variety of works. This is not a comprehensive list and ECPA will continue to post additional resources to this site.

Devotional books by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
90 Days of Breakthrough Kynan Bridges 9781641230438 Whitaker House 8/14/18
90 Days of Power Prayer Kynan Bridges 9781629116938 Whitaker House 1/26/16
A Jewel In His Crown Journal Priscilla Shirer 9780802440945 Moody Publishers 2/1/04
A Moment for Your Soul Tony Evans 9780736951128 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/12
A Woman of Purpose and Power Myles Munroe 9781641232333 Whitaker House 4/2/19
Between a Rock and a Hard Place Tony Evans 9780802423269 Moody Publishers 10/1/10
Bible Sisters Gennifer Benjamin Brooks 9781501834318 Abingdon 4/4/17
Bread for the Resistance Donna Barber 9780830843961 InterVarsity Press 9/17/19
Called for a Purpose Tony Evans 9780736964395 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/18
Commanding Your Morning Daily Devotional Cindy Trimm 9781621366096 Charisma House 1/7/14
Empowered Grace P. Cho, Mary Carver, and Anna E. Rendell 9780800738167 Revell (Baker Publishing Group) 2/15/22
En llamas Itiel Arroyo 9780829771411 Vida 6/8/22
Eternity Tony Evans 9780802413888 Moody Publishers 3/1/16
Experience the Power of God's Names Tony Evans 9780736971492 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/17
Faithful Ruth Chou Simons, Trilla Newbell, Amanda Bible Williams, Ann Voskamp, Ginny Owens, Kelly Minter, Lisa Harper, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Sarah MacIntosh, Savannah Locke, Introduction by Amy Grant 9780830781737 David C Cook 5/1/21
Fields of Joy Ruth Chou Simons 9780736972178 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/20
Finding Soul Rest Curtis Zackery 9781683594284 Kirkdale Press 11/11/20
Forty Days on Being a Five Morgan Harper Nichols 9780830847501 InterVarsity Press 8/17/21
Forty Days on Being a Four Christine Yi Suh 9780830847488 InterVarsity Press 5/4/21
Forty Days on Being a Nine Marlena Graves 9780830847587 InterVarsity Press 3/23/21
Forty Days on Being a One Juanita Campbell Rasmus 9780830847426 InterVarsity Press 5/4/21
Forty Days on Being a Seven Gideon Yee Shun Tsang 9780830847549 InterVarsity Press 3/23/21
Forty Days on Being a Three  Sean Palmer 9780830847464 InterVarsity Press 10/6/20
Forty Days on Being an Eight Sandra Maria Von Opstal 9780830847563 InterVarsity Press 10/19/21
Garden of Truth Ruth Chou Simons 9780736969086 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/18
God Himself Tony Evans 9780802418166 Moody Publishers 9/1/20
God Speaks Through Wombs Drew Jackson 9781514002674 InterVarsity Press 9/14/21
Heaven Declares Hakeem Collins 9780768409932 Destiny Image 8/1/16
In Season and Out David A. deSilva 9781683592914 Lexham Press 9/18/19
It Happens After Prayer H.B. Charles 9780802407252 Moody Publishers 5/1/13
Kingdom Men Rising Devotional Tony Evans  9780764238840 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 11/16/21
Kingdom Prayer Tony Evans 9780802414847 Moody Publishers 10/1/16
Liturgies From Below Claudio Carvalhaes 9781791007355 Abingdon 8/4/20
Love Letters from the King Saint-Elien, Tarah-Lynn 9780800736965 Revell (Baker Publishing Group) 8/10/21
Luke: Alabaster Guided Meditations Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung 9780830847259 InterVarsity Press 7/20/21
Man of Purpose and Power Myles Munroe  9781641236546 Whitaker House 6/1/21
Mark: Alabaster Guided Meditations Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung 9780830848881 InterVarsity Press 6/22/21
Mike Singletary One-On-One Mike Singletary 9781441225672 Baker Publishing Group 8/4/05
Motivational Prayers for Men Tony Evans 9780736978521 Harvest House Publishers 19-Apr
One Kingdom Under God Tony Evans 9780802411891 Moody Publishers 8/1/14
One Life Under God Tony Evans 9780802411860 Moody Publishers 8/1/14
One Year God's Great Blessings Devotional Patricia Raybon 9781414338712 Tyndale House Publishers 10/1/11
Playing on God's Team T.C. Stallings 9781424553648 BroadStreet Publishing 1/1/17
Playing on God's Team T.C. Stallings 9781424553648 BroadStreet Publishing 1/1/17
Powerful Prayers That Open Heaven Jamie T. Pleasant 9781629119526 Whitaker House 5/8/18
Rest for the Justice-Seeking Soul Susan K. Williams Smith 9781641233088 Whitaker House 11/12/19
Rise Up Ink & Willow 9780593234938 Ink & Willow 11/3/21
Sassy, Single, and Satisfied Devotional Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736946988 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/12
Sistergirl Devotions Carol Mackey 9781441211927 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/10
Soul Rest Curtis Zackery 9781683590620 Kirkdale Press 6/6/18
Surprised by the Parables Michelle Lee-Barnewall 9781683593003 Lexham Press 1/22/20
Take Heart (in)courage 9780800738075 Baker Publishing Group 10/20/20
The 28-Day Prayer Journey Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310361138  Zondervan 8/11/20
The Difference Jesus Makes H.B. Charles 9780802412270 Moody Publishers 9/1/14
The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge Tony Dungy 9781496439093 Tyndale House Publishers 10/8/19
The Pursuit T.C. Stallings 9781424551897 BroadStreet Publishing 12/1/15
Time to Get Serious Tony Evans 9781581349511 Crossway 10/17/95
Treasures of Heaven  Babbie Mason  9780884197256 Charisma House 6/12/00
Vision with Purpose and Power Myles Munroe  9781641238212 Whitaker House 1/11/22
Walk, Run, Soar Dorina Gilmore-Young 9780764236051 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 9/20/21
What if Jesus was Serious? Skye Jethani 9780802419750 Moody Publishers 6/1/20
Wisdom Walk George Bloomer 9781603744379 Whitaker House 5/1/12
Your Time Is Now Devotional Jonathan Evans 9780764238819 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 3/1/22